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  • Is it a drug?
  • Is it dangerous?
  • Is there an habituation?
  • Which are the effects?
  • Is there a risk to try it?

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The succes met for decades by the poppers, not abating, but just like a alcohol or tobacco, poppers can be very variable quality, side effects ... we invite you to consult.

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Why Jungle-Juice?

Many websites sell Poppers, but a lot of it sell copies or products fakes with low spurious components, completly inneffective.
In Jungle-Juice, are to ensure that there is much power in each bottles we sell.

For exemple, our Rush Original, our Extasy For Men, or our Jungle Juice formulas are original and authentic (yes, there is a difference!). They are based on real propyl nitrite.
We offer only the purest flavours, the most powerful - you will not find any sub-brand or low quality product imitation here.
We work closely with all major manufacturers of poppers and select the best ones. We test and evaluate each delivery to ensure they deliver quality for wich we have become
so famous. We will never sell brands that we are not completely safe.

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In Jungle-Juice, we also believe that quality shouldn’t come as a bonus. We constantly stive to be delivered superior products, but at unbeatable prices!
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Jungle-Juice is a leading provider of Poppers. Each month, we send hundreds of bottles to individual customers all around the world - plus thousands of bottles that we ship to business customers (sex shops, online shopping sites, bar, saunas, discos...).
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Jungle-Juice : a team at your service

If you have any questions, doubts, or you simply want advice, please contact our customer service